Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ko'Rona Vyress

It's Wednesday night.  The twins are asleep and the trash is out.  Day three of virtual learning was still a bit chaotic.  I went for a run.  I didn't last long as it was cold and windy.  Amy and I are going to have a training session tomorrow.  I think Paul works us harder over the Facetime then he does in person!  Back to last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

I went for a run around the school to warm up for my training session.  Ariel followed me on her scooter.  
 We got set up in the basement while we waited for Paul to call in.  This is not very easy to do with the twins around!
 You can see Paul on the iPad.  
 He worked us really hard!
 This was Paul's view of us.  

All except Aden.  
 I found this thing in the garage and put in back on the swing set.  
 The boys had fun.  
 Getting closer.  

 Wednesday morning, the boys fought on our bed.  
 Then it was time to get to work.  
 Friends of ours had a baby!  What a time to have a baby.
 I guess, this could have been his name rather than Reign.
 Ariel practiced her cursive.  

 She then took an online ballet class with Elite.  

 Aden had Hebrew school through Zoom.
 We made cupcakes!
 I actually made it into a picture!
 Look at Eli's face.  
 I guess this is more relevant after you eat a dozen cupcakes!

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