Tuesday, April 7, 2020

First Day of Virtual Leaning

It's Tuesday night and we are about to play Scattergories.  I'm also snacking on the chocolate and caramel covered Matzo I just made.  Yum.  I'm the only one that likes it.  I meant to get up early to go to the market but that didn't happen.  Shaving didn't happen either.  I can't remember the last time I shaved.  My neighbor was outside in a dress shirt and pajama pants taking a walk.  He said he had online meetings and they only see his upper body.  The world is crazy!      

Last Monday I guess this came up on Facebook.  Awww.          
 It was the first day of virtual learning.  

 It was actually really hard for the big kids.  So many assignments on so many different platforms.  
 The boys were into it a bit.  
 Exercise time!

 Ariel is getting better at handstands.

 We tried a new game with the boys.  
 It was cute.  
 Busy busy.  
 Looking for snacks.  
 Some wrestling with big brother.  

Playing on Aden's bed.  

 Here's the new game Amy and I and the two older ones have been playing.  
 These funny memes are slowing starting to disappear on Facebook.  I guess people have had enough.  

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