Monday, April 13, 2020

Clean the Gutters

It's Monday night.  We had some crazy weather today.  Two rounds of thunderstorms.  We never made it outside.  I have been Facetiming with my trainer several times a week and I actually think I'm getting a better workout in my basement.  You will see in coming pics that I'm the biggest I've ever been I think.  He kicked my butt today.  Aden did it with me and he had trouble walking after.  Virtual school was back in session today.  Aden does his own thing, although his teacher just wrote to tell us how he's been doing.  Ariel needs a lot of help focusing and figuring out all the technology to get the work done.  Amy made her own projects for the twins.  Noah did pretty well but Eli tends to wander.  

For our Florida friends and family...
 I actually took a lot of pics last week.  These are from last Sunday and Monday.  We sadly are missing the t-ball season.  I got the boys out a little.  
 Our landscaping was done.
 Picnic outside.  

 I took the twins for one of our long drives.  They fell right asleep.  
 I went up through Bucks County to find a covered bridge and I did!

 I passed through some cute towns.  
 We got back and the boys we were wired of course.  

 Wrestle wrestle.

 Ariel doing TikToks.  
 This was Monday.  The boys helped clean outside.  

 Then they chalked up the garage.  

 Aden helped me clean out the gutters.  
 I jogged up by the school.  That's so sad to see.  

 I brought the bounce house outside.  

 The kids weren't that into it.  
 A little arm wrestling.  

 Cute pic.  
 Mickey Mouse ice cream!
 Hard to tell from a picture but this was the biggest full moon of the year.  
 I was too lazy to bring out the telescope.  

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