Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Only Way to Eat Matzo

It's Tuesday night.  I was sort of a bad boy today.  I had to bring some papers to my financial consultant, who also happens to be a friend.  I brought a folding chair and sat on his driveway.  He got a chair and sat like 10 feet away and we talked for a while.  It was so nice to see a real person in person!  We struggled with Ariel's work again today.  For her spelling words, she had to type out each word with different colors for every letter on See Saw.  I spent at least an hour trying to figure out how to change the colors for the letters individually and not the whole word.  An hour!  It couldn't be done.  I gave up.  Then we had to print one of her assignments from a program and could not figure that out.  We are exasperated.  This is from Facebook but it's what we are going through.  They way they are taught to do things is so different than the way we learned.  
 Last Tuesday we made some pancakes and did some learning.  
 Ariel taught me a magic trick then finished her work from the week before.  

 She finally finished her sea otter picture and sent it in.  
 Ariel loves the Piggie and Elephant books.  The author did an online tutorial on how to draw the characters.  
 They did well!
 The boys met with their class and teacher for a bit.  

 Aden is still playing with Jason.  
 It was really warm so I told Ariel it was time to learn to ride a bike.  She wasn't thrilled.  
 She actually did well and balanced on her own a few times.  
 Amy came up with the boys.  
 Amy grabbed Ariel's bike.  
 Good try for now!

 Ariel helped me make chocolate and caramel covered matzo.  I love that stuff!
 Always nice having help getting the boys to sleep.  

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