Sunday, April 19, 2020

Spin Art Uses Way Too Much Paint

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty quiet weekend, which included my birthday and my sister's birthday!  I will get into it later but I had a very nice birthday.  Let's go back to last Saturday.
 I was out fiddling around with my scooter on the driveway and Ariel was buzzing around me on this thing.  
 We did some spin art.
 We were out of paint in 10 minutes.  
 Aden had been practicing his jump shots.  

 Wrestling time in the basement.  
 Ariel and Heather making some TikToks.

 I went for a long ride on the scooter.  Now I remember why I didn't go on it for years.  It's really scary on the roads around here.  The roads themselves are in horrible condition and everyone drives so fast!
 Chatting with the neighbors.  

 More wrestling.  
Some exercise before bed.  

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