Wednesday, April 8, 2020

April Fools Day

Happy Passover!  This is the most bizarre Passover I can remember.  We attempted a seder over Zoom with everyone but it was too chaotic.  We may try a smaller one tomorrow night.  Today was beautiful.  We were outside all day.  I spent hours cleaning out the garage.  Still have many more hours to go.  Back to last Tuesday.  The second day of virtual learning.  

 Here was Amy's lesson for the day.  
 The twins had an online class with their teacher and classmates.  

 Then everyone exercised.  
 I made slow cooker ribs.  
 They came out yummy.
 Some funny things.  

 Alas, March finally ended.  
 Wednesday was April Fools Day.  

Wrestling in our bed.
 We brought Ariel's matt out back.

 I love this pic!
 Veggie straws everywhere.
 I went for a run.  I hate going for a run.  
 Back to the swing set.  
 We are running low on bubbles.  

 I'm going to bed.  Good night.  

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