Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Zoom Seder

It's Wednesday night, I think.  Time to take out the trash.  Today was quiet.  It went a little more smoothly with the virtual learning.  Here are some pretty pics to lighten the mood.  Some tulips in the Netherlands.  

 I'm surprised we haven't seen any bears yet.  
 Last Thursday, I took out my old Vespa scooter, which had not been started in years, to get it going.  I cleaned it but I know nothing about motors so I called in my neighbor to check it out.  I had put in a new battery so it was trying to start but just wasn't.  We figured it was that the gas had gone bad.  The plan was to drain it and add fresh gas.  
 Got some nice shots of the kids with bubbles.  

 Still working on the scooter.  Look how heavy I look!
 Amy and I used to ride all around Philly on this thing.  

 That night was the first night of Passover.  Our mom's made food for our dinner, which was nice.  The plan was to have a seder over Zoom.  
 I tried to find some short ones but I had a feeling that anything would be impossible with this group.  
 Had the seder plate all ready to go!
 We had fun talking to everyone but sadly there was no seder.  
 Hey guys!
 That day was also our friend's daughter's 16th birthday.  Ariel loves Amanda so we drove by to wish her a Happy Birthday!

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