Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Ariel Can't Concentrate

It's Tuesday night.  We had some crazy thunderstorms today which meant we didn't get out much.  I did make a really nice steak and shrimp dinner though.  Oh yeah, I went food shopping at 6:45 this morning for the first time in 2 weeks and 2 days.  It was pretty quiet and they had most everything I wanted.  That explains why I feel like I'm going to pass out at 11pm so I'm going to bang this out.  

These are from Monday and Tuesday last week.  Amy has said this so many times!
 This is how I feel, especially after spending $500 at the market today.  
 Back to school on Monday.  We have to work closely with Ariel or she will never get anything done.  
 Here's some of her work.  

I printed out some coloring sheets from the Brazilian Miami Artist Britto.  That was nice of him to put out there.  We love his stuff.  
 Late breakfast.  We make a lot of pancakes.  
 Back to work for Ariel.  Back and forth between the iPad and Chromebook.  It's crazy.  
 We got a Dairy Queen treat that night.  

 Tuesday morning, this memory from Aden's pre-school class came up.  They are all so young!
 Mommy cuddles.  
 What do you do when you have leftover ice cream from the night before?  Waffles and ice cream of course!

 It takes Ariel all day to do her work.  It would take less than an hour if she could concentrate!

 Lucky girl!
 Then it was time for the twins to start school.  
 Amy works really hard.  She wants to make sure they are ready for kindergarten.  

 Yes, they made a mess with the glue.  
 Chinese food from Duck Sauce for dinner.  
 Eli wanted to help clean dishes.  What he really wanted to do was to spray the water everywhere.  
 Late night fun.  

 I had a virtual guitar lesson!

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