Monday, April 27, 2020

Popsicles for Breakfast

It's Monday night.  The twins went to bed pretty quickly.  Do you think they will stay in their room all night.  Not likely.  Ariel has been reading to herself, which is nice.  I was a bit tortured reading her books to her.  She's reading this series that's the diaries of school aged owls.  It's cute.  Anyway, back to last Sunday.

The kids sometimes really get into coloring and can spend a lot of time doing it.  
 Aden built this marble maze.  I have a real one somewhere around here.  I played it all the time as a kid.  
 Popsicles for breakfast!  You can tell we lost it.  
 I took Ariel for a birthday drive by at Guiliana's house.  

 There she is!

 Then the six of us drove up to that Bowman's Hill area again.  Aden and Amy weren't there the last time.  It was a nice day and we wanted to show it to them.  

 My pretty girls.  
 We walked along the canal.  
 We found a burial ground for soldiers that died around the time Washington was crossing the Delaware just down the road from here.  

 There were a lot of people out.  Most without masks.  

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