Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Outside of the Stairs

It's Thursday night.  We are possibly plateauing with the virus.  Maybe.  That would be great.  The number of people dying is still rising but less people are going into the hospital.  The closed schools today for the rest of the year.  A lot of people are really upset but what did they expect?  Let's finish off last week.  I think these are from Thursday and Friday.  These funny memes here are now few and far between.  I guess everyone is tired of them.  

 Swing time.  
 Love those pink nails Eli.
 We were Facetiming with my cousins in LA.  Poor Larry has the dining room table as his new office.  
 Busy working on school stuff.  
 This picture was for school too.  
 Rack-O time!

 Our friends had a baby last week!  What a time!  

 This happened on Friday.  

 Noah has become really good at Monopoly and wants to play all the time!
 I took the boys on one of our long drives.  I wanted to go to Maclesfield Park where Aden play football to mess around but it was closed.  
 The boys fell asleep anyway.  
 We passed by some really nice houses!

 Rack-O again?
 We started Passover last night.  This is how we all feel.  Have a safe weekend!

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