Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Eli Is On Aden's Team!

It's Wednesday night.  Took the trash out.  Ready for bed.  The house is super quiet for now.  I'm sure some little ones will be getting up at some point.  These are all from last Wednesday.  

What's it going to be Eli?  You or the watermellon?  
 It was too good not to eat!

 The boys were being quiet in the playroom.  A little too quiet.  They were getting markers wet to make what they called lava.  
 Yes, the lava was everywhere.  
 Time for daddy to clean it up.  
 Back to helping Ariel with her work for hours and hours.  
 The boys went back to their experiments.  

 They are too funny sometimes.  
 Time to play outside even though it's still cold.  

 A neighbor's tree fell.  
 We went for a hike behind the house.  
 We have been in this house 11 years and never knew there was a path.
 It runs behind all the houses on our street.  
 Aden explored with me.  
 He can walk to a friends house and we had no idea.  

 Making towers.
 Normal bedtime craziness.  
Everytime Aden is attacking the twins, Eli yells out he's on Aden's team!

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