Thursday, April 16, 2020

We Will Get By

It's Thursday night and we just watched the Disney Sing a Long special.  It was cute.  The kids sang a little but it was mostly Amy singing!  We just have one more day of virtual school before the weekend.  Phew.  Back to last Thursday and Friday...

Mommy school is in session, with a quick check in with their real teacher.  

 This was the news Amy was dreading the most.  She actually cried all day after hearing this.  
 As the Grateful Dead would say, we will get by.  
 This was Amy's first reaction.  
 I went for a run by the school.  This is sad.  

 Playing around at night.  
 This was sometime in the middle of the night.  Usually they sneak in but for some reason Amy and I were up.  First came Eli.  
 Then Ariel.  Oh boy.  
 Friday morning was chilly!
 I really try not to do this.  
 Comfy Ariel?
 This is about right.

 I'm ready to rock!
 Our friend who is very good at fixing things came to take a try on the scooter which was still not running.  He got it to work!
 I took the twins on another long drive.  They fell right asleep.  
 That's New Jersey across the river.  
 I was so tired when I got back I let Aden take my training appointment with Paul.  
 Ariel did some tumbling.  
 My friend Dave had some fun with an app.  

 My biggest accomplishment of the week!  Have a great and safe weekend!

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