Wednesday, April 22, 2020

We're All In This Together

It's Wednesday night.  Earlier than I usually start this.  The twins are behind me yelling and Amy is trying to listen to a zoom meeting by Aden's camp.  It's crazy that we don't know what this summer is going to be like.  It was too cold and windy to be out much today.  We could really use summer about now.  These are from Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  

7am wakeup call.  

 It was a quiet day.  
 Do we have a problem when our child is hugging the McDonald's fries?

 Jumping to Thursday.  It was chilly.  Again.  
 It was a big arts and crafts day.  
 We made caterpillars for the letter C.

 Ariel did her work over the course of the day.  
 Then I found my old 3d printing gun.  

 You can draw in 3 dimensions.  It's pretty hard to do.  

 Zooming with their class.  

 That night I checked Hawley where Woodloch it.  It was snowing!

 There was a Disney sing a long.  
I will spare you the videos of us singing.  
 It ended with the High School Musical people.  
 Ariel loved that.  
 This was around midnight I think.  Ariel and Eli back again.  

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