Sunday, April 12, 2020

Have Sea Otter Will Travel

It's Sunday night.  Happy Easter for those who celebrate.  This was one weird Easter.  Virtual services.  The Easter bunny driving around.  Today was beautiful.  I took the kids to a really cool place along the Delaware River near New Hope.  More on that later.  Let's go back to last Saturday.  
 These people are winners.  
 This is how we feel about Passover.  
 Ariel got a new Lego to work on.  
 Paul called in and we had a good workout.  
 There he is.  
 Noah is Mr. Monopoly.  
 I saw they are doing work at the NAC.  Wow.  
 Ariel has been working on her sea otter project.  I found this online!

 Aden is sad he's missing the football season.  
 Aden is not always the best brother.  
 Ariel filmed som Tik Toks with the boys.  
 Baking banana bread!

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