Thursday, April 23, 2020

Shop Till You Drop

Here's a short post for your Friday.  It's Thursday night and we are trying to get the kids in early so we can Facetime with our dear friends Rebecca and Jeremy from Albany.  I better start working on our drinks! Amy's drink of choice lately is vodka and lemonade.  I actually have some vodka sitting in a container with strawberries and some with watermelon.  That should be interesting in a few days.  Back to last Friday.

Everyone has been posting their senior portraits on Facebook in solidarity with the seniors in high school that are getting gypped out of proms and graduations.  I'm not going to post this picture on Facebook, but I it's here if you were curious.  
 Ariel has been having fun online shopping.  First she hit Zappos.  
 Now she's working on Denny's.  
 It was a quiet day.  
 Eli was looking for something fun to eat.  
 Found it!
He wanted to help Amy clean.  He loves spraying things.  

 Could Aden possibly be a good brother.  Well, maybe sometimes.  
 That night we Facetimed with Julia and Dave.  We drank and chatted and played Cards Against Humanity.  We had tons of fun.  
 We went upstairs late to go to bed and who was waiting for us? Oh well.  Have a great and safe weekend!

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