Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to Hawaii

A small post today.  I'm just too mesmerized looking out the window at the blizzard going on right now.  Who says we go hunt down the groundhog!  So some of you might know that I came back from Florida without my camera.  I was on the plane and realized I didn't have it.  I figured it was gone forever and have been looking for a replacement.  We got a call last night from Lisa and Matt where we had dinner in Boca last Sunday.  They found it in a drawer!  

Back to Friday.  Aden had a luau at school.  
 Too cute.
 Do any of you do this?  I think I did pretty well here!
My parents stopped by Friday night after dinner to see the kids.
My dad played video games with Aden and did well!
 Hey other bubbie!
 It is just amazing what Ariel picks up on.  She tried to plug the phone into the cord.

 Then she made a call.  She actually made a call to Bev!
 Saturday morning, we found both kids in the crib!
 Too funny.  Aden looks so big in there.
 I drove down to the Christiana Mall in Delaware to pick up my new computer.  I have not been the mall in years.  I was amazed at how nice it was.
 I started transferring the 500 gb or so from my old computer, which believe it or not is 7 years old, to the new computer at 1 pm on Saturday using an ethernet cable.  Monday morning, it's still going strong!  The new computer has a 3 tb drive.  How I am I going to transfer all of that to the next computer in a few years?

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