Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spicy Salsa

Day 5 brought us Grandma and Grandpop.  While we waited for them to come, we went for a nice long walk along the beach.
 I took some of these with my new telephoto lens.  Believe it or not, about 90% of the pics I took were with the iPhone.

Our little gangsta'

 Looking into Boca Raton.  I tried to explain volleyball to Aden.
It was a nice day.
 A quick stop at the playground and then we got the call, they were here!
 We met Amy's parents at Rattlesnake Jake's for lunch.  Spicy salsa!
 Back to our place to hang.
 Poor Aden.  There is no escaping school work with 2 teachers in the house!
 Finally made it to the beach.
It was just Aden and I.
He had fun.
 Quick walk to the bathroom.
The gangsta' is back!
Sorry about the weather up there.
 Aden lost it on the way to dinner.
 We went to our favorite place.  Taverna Kyma in Boca.  The best Greek food.
 Ariel liked it too.
 Let's get ice cream!
 Back to Mizner, we did some shopping.  
 Then back to Sloane's Ice Cream.  
 Ariel still wants her milk before bed!

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