Monday, March 4, 2013

Spin the Chair

Saturday morning Aden was very excited to play video games.  All week long we kept denying him because we were so busy.  We told him Friday would be the day.  When I picked him up at school, his friends ran over and asked if they could come over for fun Friday!  Aden must have been discussing it with them.  Cute.  Well, of course we were too busy Friday so Saturday morning it was.
 Even Ariel watched.
 We didn't have any plans.
 So we invited Ali and Sam over.  Todd was away.

 Sammy was right at home.
 Jason from down the street also came by.

 It's fun watching the kids entertain themselves.
 Let's write all the names we know!
 Sammy wanted to try also.
 Amy and Ali with the quickly growing babies.
 Ariel showed Sammy how she likes to spin on the chair.

Then they practiced their duet.
 That night we had a sitter and went to the movies for the first time in many months.  Argo was back in the theater and Amy was determined to see it.  It was good.  We enjoyed it.

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