Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Are Back!!!

Well, it's Thursday night and finally the end of the sickness for us, but sadly not for everyone.  People all around us seem to be sick now.  Best wishes to everyone!  Not something you want to go through if you can somehow avoid it.  These are some random pictures that I took through the delirium...

This was the extent of Tuesday.  Amy, Aden and I in bed together mostly sleeping and sometimes eating popsicles.  Ariel was with Amy's parents and probably got her mom sick.
Wednesday we were able to get outside a little.

Someone wants to help cook!
 Keeping busy with no energy.  What did people do before iPhones?
 These are all mixed up.  I'm not sure what day was what.
 There was a lot of Pedialyte consumed here this week.

 Yum.  Passover pops.
 I think Passover will start for me Friday now that I can eat again.  I will stay away from all matzoh products though.  My tummy will not be able to handle them this year.
Bouncy bouncy.
 Ariel wants to play Skylanders as bad as Aden now.
 A bag of clothes to give away.  We were a little productive this week.
 Yeah.  We feel better!
 This might be hard to read but I got this email.
Some more pictures of Aden in "Hawaii"

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