Monday, March 18, 2013

Dicey Rileys

Day 6 was fun.  We got to meet our dear friends at the Coral Spring Art Show.  For those of you following along, we met them there this exact day last year at the same place and ate at the same restaurant with them then and in December after the cruise.  So, we have been to Mythos Greek Taverna with the  same group 3 times in 1 year!  Aden's favorite Ashley was excited to play with the kids.
I think Aden got this popcorn last year also.

 Amy's parents hit it off with Sandy and Steve.
 Hugs for daddy!
 Jamba Juice.
Ariel finished all of hers!
 Then she wandered around and talked to everyone.
 So wish Ashley lived closer.  She's great with the kids.
 Whole Foods made this cake.

 Cute pic of the kids.

 My babies!
 Erika is so sweet.
 We wandered around the show.
 The kids got red.  Oops.
 We got Aden and Ariel these cute chalk boxes.

 Then we hit the pool!

 And the hammock.

Amy and the kids went to sleep early.  They all had colds.  I met Jason and Jeff in Ft. Lauderdale for St. Patty's Day festivities.  
 It was quite a scene.
 I stayed out past 1!
 We had fun!
 I was the only one not in green.

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