Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's Thursday night and I'm rushing to post this so I can go upstairs and escape Amy and her Grey's Anatomy.  Is anyone else as annoyed by that show as me?  Last night was Aden's first t-ball practice!  It was a bit cold but we were all excited.  Aden is here modeling his first glove!
They play at Holland Middle School on the cold, muddy grass.  First they learned the positions.
 Then it was time to run the bases.  Yes, that's a girl leading off.

There goes Aden!
 There's Jake!
 Go Aden!  They did this several times.
Then it was time to learn throwing and catching.
On the ground.
 Aden had a really good time.  
I'm so happy.
 Aden was finally back at school.  I kind of missed the moment but McKenzie started a huge group hug.
 The last swim!  Ariel, where's Aden?
 I still love watching him swim by himself.

 Deep in thought.

 Aunt Bev came to watch.

 He jumped!  Usually he wants someone to catch him but not this time.
Chowing down on a rib!
 Dunking his cookies in the milk.
 This was too funny to be mad at her.
 Move the dolls!  I'm sitting!

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