Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goofing Around at Swim

It's Thursday night and the house is finally quiet so I can get to work.  On what you ask?  I recently searched my parent's house for all the negatives of the pictures I took over the years when I still used film.  I ordered a device that will scan negatives into the iPhone.  I have been organizing the negatives and have found some really interesting stuff.  None of you are safe from 80's and 90's hair and fashions!  Once I get a bunch scanned, I will share them here.

Amy is teaching Ariel to dip.
 Dip it in the peanut butter!
 It's sweet how that eat together.

 Chillin' at Lambertis.
Ready to watch swim.
 Back to the pool. This session has not been good.  Aden seems to be going backwards.  These new girls aren't teaching well.  

 Aden was having a little too much fun with Benjamin.  
 They were goofing around and not paying attention.
 Ariel likes to explore.

 Ariel wanted to learn tickle, t , i.

Aden always has to stop at the cafe for a snack.
Ariel ended up with the smoothie.

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