Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rhyme Time

Sorry for the late post.  This pic is from a couple of weeks ago.  Amy went back to her school to read to the kids.
Sunday, after the pancake breakfast, we had soccer.
Aden was excited to play.  We go there purposely late to avoid practice so Aden would have enough energy for the game and they started the game early!
He got right into the action.

I love the enthusiasm but how do you teach them not to attack their own teammates?
He did have a few take aways from the other team, the coach was impressed.

He did tire out and ask to come out.
Good game!
Look who's back from school.  It's Maura!  Yes, Aden made her play while she was eating.
The kids were very excited.

So glad to have her back!

She's done school in a month, so we will have her all summer!
Some rhyming from Aden's class.

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