Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally a Home Cooked Meal

I'm condensing the last 3 days into 2 posts so we can be done already.  I'm probably driving you crazy with this trip but bear with me a little longer!  Day 7 got off to a really slow start with my being out most of the night before and the rest of them having colds.
She gets her love of Justin from her mom!
 We met my cousins at a French bakery in Boca.  Ariel made friends with this dog.
 The pastries were yummy.
 Ariel kept everyone busy.  
 They got Aden an Iron Man...
 and Ariel a doll.
 Cuddle time.

 The rest of the afternoon is a blur.  We all slept.  
 That night, we went back to Lisa and Matt's house for dinner.  The kids were waiting outside for Aden.
So much to play with.

 Chloe was great with Ariel.
What do you see baby?
Oh, it's Aden!
 My turn!

I love the kids eating together.
 This girl has amazing hair.
 The adults got barbeque.  The kids got random stuff.
 Some arts and crafts before we go.  These pictures seem calm, but it was crazy with all 4 kids running around.  
Day 8 Amy and her mom went for a walk, the rest of us relaxed.  
Then it was beach time.  It was warm but windy and the sun was in and out so we didn't last long.

 It took some effort to walk against the wind to get to the ocean.

 Where are you going?
 Oh, looking for rocks.
 Let's surf!  Day 8 to be continued...

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