Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yummy Pickle

It's Sunday night.  The kids were both asleep by 7:30, which is very rare, so we are relaxing and catching up on tv.  We are finally making our way through Boardwalk Empire.  We did a few things this weekend, but not a lot.  We seem to be slowing down.  Aden got a little sick today so he's going to stay home on Monday.  That means a tough day for Amy.  

Friday morning, the kids were cuddling.
 This picture was a huge hit on Facebook.  It got 48 likes and 8 comments!
This was on the menu at the Clubhouse Diner in Bensalem at lunch.  Check out the chicken "cintcku."  I think I must have been in an alternate universe.  Besides all the spelling mistakes, I love how the "asian" dish has jalapeno and ranch dressing.
 Friday night, we had dinner at West Avenue Grill.
 We took turns showing the kids how to write and draw.
 Aden drew his friends.
She will love this!
 Enjoy that pickle!
 My boy.
Over to my grandmother's to play.
 Dipping his cookie in milk.
My grandmother must have thousands of pictures.  We need to do something to preserve them.  Here a few I found.  This is my grandparents.
 This seems like a sweet picture till you see my grandmother's look.  Her scary looks have not changed in 50 years!
 My mom as a teenager.
 My uncle's birthday.

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