Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caution Grandchildren Playing

Day 2 got off to a slow start again.  The air conditioner stopped working so we waited around while it was replaced.
 The place is only 7 years old but the salt air is tough on everything.
 Here comes the new one!
We finally made it to the pool.  It was too late for the beach.
Like Ariel's new suit?

Aden was excited to go in.
It took a while for Ariel.  I think it was the first new thing she didn't "dive" into.  
It was nice and warm.  

Ariel eventually seemed to like it.
I'm so happy that Aden is finally feeling comfortable in the pool.

Aden and I went for a walk while Ariel slept.  We passed a banana tree!
Funny sign.
A few minutes at the local playground.

Then we drove over to Lisa and Matt's development (where my cousin Debbie lives).  We met Lisa and the kid's at the community playground.

Aden remembered Lucas.
They quickly looked for trouble to get into.

 The girls liked the swings.
 We last saw Lisa this week a year ago.  She's always so happy!
 Ring around the rosey!

 Back to Lisa's house so the kids could eat.  Lucas is 6 months older than Aden and very similar.
This was cute.
 Besides Aden, the kids all ate really well.
Ariel ate all the broccoli of course.
They played for a while.
 Then we went out for Amy and I to eat.  Ariel made the rounds.

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