Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giant Head

Back to Florida!  Our seasoned travelers were ready to go!
The plane was empty so we got to spread out.
 As I mentioned, she's at that stage where she won't sit still.  We were wondering how the flight would be.  At first she did sit...
Then that was it.  She had a good time running up and down the aisle.
 Rockin' out.
 Are we there yet?
 Yay, finally here.  Ariel got her favorite pickles from the Pickle Barrel in Deerfield Beach.  
Mommy and daddy spent most of the day cleaning the house.
 The kids were very patient.
 We finally got out to Sugar Sands Park in Boca Raton.
Aden loves it here.
He hates the camera but when he wants to he can really pose!
 My boy!

 Yes, he made me go down here.
Off to the moon!
Which head is bigger?

 Then it was time for ice cream!  Ariel couldn't decide what to get. Too many choices!
 Aden liked to watch her mixing it.
Yum!  Reese's Pieces and Marshmallows!
 A quick trip to Publix.
 Then we went to meet Leslie and Keith for dinner.
 Leslie looks a little different from last we saw her about a year ago.  I worked with her before she moved to Florida.  Keith is a minister in Coral Springs.
 Ariel was in a regular seat so the waiter sat in the high chair.
 We had so much fun catching up with them.  They are a sweet couple.  They are a bit nervous about their quickly approaching son but we are kind of jealous that they are getting to experience it all for the first time.
 It's a shame it's a bit fuzzy, it's a cute picture.

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