Thursday, March 14, 2013

Butterfly World

Day three the kids slept in.  Yay.  We then headed to Pompano Beach to Butterfly World.  It was a quick drive, we will have to go there more often.
Ariel wasn't sure what to make of the place.
It's a big outside area covered in netting.  There are thousands of butterflies and birds.  They land anywhere and everywhere.
 A kindergarten class was there.  Aden joined them.  We hung in the back listening and learned a lot.
 It was such a pretty place.
I caught a hummingbird in flight!
I actually don't have any pictures of butterflies but they were pretty.

 The bridge moved all around when you walked on it.

 I'm usually carrying the baby.
 Live bugs!  Huge spiders and cockroaches!
 Let's put one under mommy's pillow!
It's time to go back for a nap.
 While Ariel slept, Aden and I hit the pool.  He was obviously a shark.

The pool area.
That night, we met my cousin Carol and her boyfriend John at Mizner.
 Back to my favorite place!  Aden threw a coin in the fountain and wished to be a robot and Super Boy!
 We could get used to this.

 See her black eye?  She fell into the corner of the coffee table.
 Carol and John had fun with the kids.

 We had a great dinner at Villagio.
 Aden found his car.
 Time for shopping.
 Then ice cream! 

 Baby power!
 That's quite a sofa.
 Time to head home.
 Good big brother.
Good night!

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