Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Marc!!!

So, I think I may be still alive after all.  Amy says it's a scene out of Bridesmaids.  Aden, Amy and I all got sick at the same time Tuesday morning.  Tummy stuff.  Thankfully, Amy's mom came and took the baby.  The three of us were a mess all day.  It's Wednesday morning and I'm just getting out of bed for the first time.  I may try and eat something.  So, I'm stretching out the pictures I already have...

Sunday afternoon, Ariel was building.

 Jason stopped by.
 Then it was time for Marc's surprise birthday party at the Buck Hotel!  Surprise Marc!!!

 Dave made a nice speech.

 It was great to see Cheryl and Sandy and their families.

 Marc and his parents.
 Aden helped blow out the candles.
 We had fun catching up with everyone.
Aden wanted some ice cream before bed.

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