Friday, April 30, 2010

Hand in the Pants

The return of Cooper. We haven't seen him in a while. He's huge!

This is about as close as Aden would get to Cooper, but as soon as he left, Aden got upset.

Music class!

One of the benefits of having the class in a firehouse. Field trips!

Amy was checking out the boys.

He walks the balance beam at school.

I have no idea what this pose is about.

Aden loves laps. First mine...

then Ms. Marilyn...

then Amy!

Not sure why it's fun to put things on heads.

Another fun class.

Bath time fun. Aden got up screaming around 2 am. He was a little stuffed so it's either his teeth or a cold. We tried to get him to sleep with us but he wanted no part of that. I had to stay with him in his room until he feel asleep at 3. Ugh.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

They're back! Just in time for the swing set to come, the foxes have returned! I guess they will enjoy it too.

I picked up Aden late from school and by that point he was ready to leave.

He grabbed his lunch bag and off we went.

Big News!!! Melissa and Mark closed on their house yesterday!!! It's awesome and we are so happy for them! When is the first barbeque?

Welcome to our home!

This morning, Aden was in a silly mood.

He threw everything out of the crib.

Now what?

A little playing before school.

Oh no, more things to throw.

Finally at school, Chloe read to the kids! What doesn't this girl do?

Ok, Aden, have fun!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's All About the Books

Again, Aden did not want to leave school. He was running around when I got there but then all the kids took out books and started reading.

He now knows all the sounds the animals make but calls them by their sounds. If you hold up a sheep and ask him what it is, he will say, "it's a baaaa!"

I found the secret to getting him to go or leave school happily, give him a bag to carry.

He was a little fussy at dinner. We had to try several things before he would eat.

The pancakes with syrup and rice cakes with peanut butter did the trick.

He looks happy in these pics, very deceiving.

Actually, once he ate was was back to his silly self. Running around on the new hard wood and slipping and falling.

He's getting better at brushing.

Another new thing. He must have a book in his hands when he sleeps.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Baby

Nothing much to report. Aden gave Amy a really hard time about leaving school like he did with me Friday. He loves it so much, he doesn't want to leave. I guess we should be happy about that. When he finally got home, he was wild and all over the place. The new hard wood floors do not offer him a lot of grip so he keeps ending up on his face.

Finally calmed down.

Nice doggy.

He now sits in bed and reads to himself before he falls asleep. We have to leave him a little light but it's really cute.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey guys! It's a cold rainy Monday morning, but we have a warm and sunny weekend to look forward to! Friday, I picked up Aden from school. He did not want to leave. He was having way too much fun. First he was wrestling with Finnegan...

then he starting running around with Chloe...

Try and catch her Aden! Maura came to sit so Amy and I could run some errands in Doylestown. We got my computer and then picked out patio furniture. Mark and Melissa met us for dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. Those are some good bison burgers.

Saturday was a beautiful day. If Aden is wearing anything hooded, the hood must be up at all times!

First we went to look for new glasses for Amy and I, then we had lunch at Meglio's in Newtown. Aden discovered ketchup. He dips the french fries in and licks it off!

We then went to Olly to get Aden some shoes for school and camp. He found some girls to play with while we shopped. We got him the Tsukihoshi sneakers. The should work out great for the summer as they are durable and machine washable. We still need to get him a new pair of Nikes as his LeBron James ones are too small.

I did some yard work while Aden had his nap. That's really hard! We stayed in the rest of the day.

When Aden got up Sunday, he wanted to put on his new sneakers.

Not sure what to say about this picture.

Put the hood on, we are headed out!

We went to Andy and Alicia's house so Aden could play with Brendan and Devin. Devin is a few months younger then Aden.

Aden saw the swing set out back and really wanted to go out there but it was raining. You get yours next week Aden, relax!

He had a great time playing with the kids.

We went to Ben and Irv's for dinner with our parents but Aden did not want to be there. He would not sit still, even with Elmo on the iPod so we had to take out food and leave. As soon as we got into the car, the smile came back.