Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rosh Hashana Dinner

It's late Thursday night and I want to go to bed so I'm going to be quick here.  Last Thursday we went to aunt Judy's house for Rosh Hashana dinner.  The boys got right to work on Aden's fantasy football team.
 Lots of babies to play.

 Big crowd.  It was great to hang with everyone.

 Even baby Emery was there!

 The boys could play outside so that kept the destruction down to a minimum.  

 Saw Cheese!

 My grandmother had fun with the kids.

 Right Gwen?
 The little ones had school Friday.  
 They ran right into class!
 Amy and Aden spent the day together.  

Pick up time!

 There is Uncle Mark.
 Ariel had a friend over for dinner.
 It was a quiet night.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

L'Shana Tova

It's Wednesday night and all the kids were in bed before 9.  Score!  Amy wants to watch Wonder Woman now but I think it's too late to start.  Back to last week.  Ariel started cheerleading at the NAC.  I think it's run by an outside party though.  
 Strangely, many of the teachers were very large guys with beards.

 It's a cool place.  Different age groups were going at the same time.

 Ariel needed a lot of help doing any of the gymnastics.
 She's excited to be with her buddy Ashley.
 Noah has the eggs!
 All dressed up for Rosh Hashana services.  We had to be there by 8:30.  That was hard!

 The boys looked cute.
 There's Gwen!
 Eli wandered over and started singing into a live mic!  You could hear him everywhere!
 The service was thankfully short.  They then had some snacks for us.

 Then out to the playground.
 My handsome guys.

 Noah made a friend.

 Ariel pushed herself into a group of friends.

 The twins had their 2 1/2 year checkup that afternoon.  Gwen was there for her 9 month checkup!
 All good!