Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rush 40

It's Tuesday night and some crazy thunderstorms just passed by. Figures Aden was the scaredy cat.  Both the kids had fun at camp. Aden had some sort of dance party.  Amy and I are finally almost finished Breaking Bad.  She wants me to watch another episode so I'm going to be quick.

Last Thursday, I went with my friend Jason to see Rush play at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  It's the 40th year and quite possibly their last tour.  Jason has seen them on every tour since 1982.  It's been almost 20 years since I have seen them.  It was actually really hard to get tickets.  

 During the break, we ran into Anthony Gargano from Sports Radio.

 It was so loud.  My ears were still ringing the next day.  Or I'm just getting old.
 Good morning Eli!
 I took my car to be washed.  I thought the soap looked really cool!

So Aden would not let us get him early from camp because his driver has them play tricks on the parking lot people on the way out and he didn't want to miss it!  So because we had to leave at rush hour on Friday, the usually way of 95 and the Atlantic City Expressway were a no go.  We totally blindly followed Google Maps and ended up crossing New Jersey towards Long Beach Island.  It was actually a really nice ride.  No lights and miles of trees.
 We hit the Parkway near LBI and that was a pretty view too.
 Ariel had been away from us for 2 whole days and did great!  She was excited to see us though.
 We made new friends while we waited for a table at Bocca in Margate.

 Uh oh, someone is about to cry.
 Back to unpack and see the dogs.

 Big kisses from Cooper.
 And Stella.
 They needed extra washing that night!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Little Ballerina

Ariel had a very happy first day of camp.  She's back with her boyfriend Dylan at Breezy Point.  She didn't tell us a whole lot but she was all smiles when she got back.  

Aden and Ariel have been fighting about the strangest things.  Last week, Ariel took Clifford from Aden's bed and Aden took Olaf from Ariel's.  There was a lot of screaming and crying.  In the morning, Ariel took Olaf back from Aden's bed while he was sleeping. Sneaky.
All ready for her first dance class!  This is her one leotard and we don't have any dance shoes.  She went to dance camp at Elite in Richboro.  
Amy wasn't allowed in the room.  She had to watch on tv.  Ariel seemed to like it.
Later that day, the boys were resting.

Ok, I'm ready for dance #2.  We also signed her up for ballet/tap at the NAC. 
It was daddy's turn to go.  
I watched through the glass door so the pics aren't that great.
 Ms. Jen had them doing some goofy things.

 I don't know if we are going to stick with this one.
 I love these pics.

 Aden was going over his Skylander cards with Eli.
 Some morning cuddles.

 So Ariel, who has never been away from us, decided to go to the shore with Amy's parents on Wednesday.  We weren't going down till Friday evening.  That seemed like a long time but Ariel was great.  She had so much fun with her grandparents.  They took walks.
 Went to the playground.
 Swam in the pool.  I missed her but I'm glad she was able to do this.  Amy and I are inching towards a vacation without the kids!