Thursday, May 30, 2019

First Date

It's another rainy night.  I'm just back from Ariel's 3 hour dress rehearsal for 1/2 of her dance recital.  You heard me right, the whole show is about 6 hours.  So glad we pulled the twins out of dance.  This is enough.  Back to last Thursday.  

Aden had tennis.  
 Then it was time for his first date!  I actually didn't take any pictures so I will just have to tell you about it.  Aden hadn't seen Sydney in a few weeks and in a few weeks she's leaving for overnight camp so we tried to get them together.  We all met up at Zebra Striped Whale in Newtown.  
 Aden and Sydney sat at their own table and chatted.  The little ones kept bothering them.  The whole thing was pretty cute.  We just set up a bowling date with them!
 Now the Summer can start.  Junior's is open!
 Friday after school, we kept the boys busy with new toys so we could pack the car.  
 Our roses are back!
 Aden was a good big brother.  
 The traffic to the shore was awful all afternoon and into the evening.  
 Finally around 7:30 it cleared out.  
 The car was packed!
 Ready to go kids?
 We made it in about an hour and 40 minutes.  Charley the dog greeted us!
 Ah.  Good to be back.  
 The kids were wound up when we got there so bedtime was late.

 I went to WaWa to get supplies.  There were millions of young teens out and about.  I even ran into our sitter Heather who was staying with a friend.  
 Saturday morning we went to Juniors!
 We saw Jordyn, our old sitter, and Moose.

Doughnut time baby.  
 Then to my parent's house for Legos.  
 Look what Aden and my dad have been up to!
 Ariel enjoying her doughnut.

 I had to get some stuff at WaWa.  I have never seen it that crowded!  To be continued...  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Catch That Frog

It's a very stormy Wednesday night.  We even had some hail and tornadoes nearby.  We got a tiny bit of water in the basement but I'm not concerned.  That was a crazy amount of rain we got in a short time.  The kids all handled it well.  These are from Wednesday last week.  

This is a common scene early in the morning.  I think Amy is under there somewhere.  
 Chocolate chip pancakes.  Breakfast of champions!
 A little early morning water fun.

 After school, the kids got to try on their new shoes from Zappos.

 Game time!

 There were frogs everywhere!
 We actually brought the boys who only wanted to play around and not watch the game.  

 It was a rough game.  We got beaten pretty soundly.  

 Enjoy your birthday Jason!
 Ariel got apic of me watching the game from the playground.  

 An old college friend who lives nearby came to visit!