Thursday, September 29, 2022

A Dark Drive to Woodloch

It's Thursday night.  Watching football on Amazon Prime, which is really weird but it looks good.  I'm helping Aden study Spanish.  Why did we make him take that?  He has 100 vocabulary words!

Last Thursday, I had lunch at Empanada Mama.  It was actually really good!
New shiny haircut for me!
Aden had football practice.  

When I came back, Harper was there!

These girls are inseparable.  
The twins made a crazy slide.
Adam dropped off Crumbl cookies for no apparent reason.  
What are they doing?

Isn't this a school night?
On Friday, we got really sad news.  The Grateful Dead, who have been touring pretty much non-stop since 1965, are hanging up their guitars next year.  I've been seeing them regularly since 1989 when I went to the last show at JFK Stadium in Philly before it was torn down.  I'm going to have lots of thoughts about this.
Ariel class are helpers for Amber's class.  That makes Ariel very happy.  
Our bedroom deck at the shore was peeling apart.  We had it redone.  
We packed up the car and went to pick up Ariel at cheer.  
Her practice went till 7:30.  Then we headed to the mountains!
We drove through the part of New Jersey that sticks into Pennsylvania, then back into PA at the Delaware Water Gap.  
Above there, it's many miles of dark woods.  We've never done this drive at night but it wasn't too bad.  
We saw lots of eyes lighting up in the trees.  
After almost 3 hours, we made it to our rental house at Woodloch resort.  
It was a very nice house.  Amy's parents and sister were already there.  My parents were there too but they stayed in the main hotel.  
Noah had the map out to plan the next day.  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cousins From Israel

It's Wednesday night.  Thankfully we got really nice reports on both the twins today.  Back to last Monday.  I drove the neighborhood boys to high school for the first time.  We left at 6:50.  Ugh so early.  There was not much traffic.  
It's kind of hard to tell but if you squint, you can see a ton of cars lined up as I was leaving.  Apparently we made it just in time. 
Here are some pics from Noah's teacher.  

They started Pickle Ball at the gym!
Last Tuesday, the twins had soccer practice.  
They did not listen very well.  

Nice sunset though.  
Last Wednesday, Ariel made us pancakes for breakfast.  
Then we walked to school.  
That night, my parents came over because we had special guests.  
No, not Mario.
Neta and Nitsan, cousins from Israel.  They went to visit New York City for a week and came down to hang out with us for a bit.  We hadn't seen them in about 8 years.  

Everyone chatted while I cooked dinner.  Lucky it was such a nice night.  
I smoked chicken and grilled burgers among other fun treats.

My parents got a picture with the cousins.  
Then the rest of us.  We had so much fun catching up.  

I drove them to the train so they could go back to New York.  


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Running Champ

It's Tuesday night, the kids are finally going back to school tomorrow and there is a scary huge hurricane headed towards Florida.  Ugh.  Back to last Saturday night.  Allison came to sit.  She washed down the slide so Eli would go on it.  

Aden, Amy and I went to dinner in Princeton.  It's the yummy Greek place that we went to with Melissa last year.  
I wish there were places closer to home to get Greek food.  
Aden enjoyed spending the night with us and checking out the Princeton girls.  

We stopped at Shady Brook Farms for ice cream and live music.  

Last Sunday, the mums were ready to be taken.
After dropping off the kids at Hebrew school, I went to Melissa's house and we went for a run.  Instead of taking a 2 hour nap, I went for a 2 mile run!
I have never run over 2 miles on the streets before.  
My heart was in shock I think.
We passed by the corner of Alyssa Dr and Alyssa Dr!
Over 2 1/2 miles.  I was done.  
Back to synagogue, they had a service for the parents and kids.  Ariel made challah with a little too much sugar.  

The service was cute.  
Gwen left to go cheer at a game.  

They redressed all the Torah scrolls for the new year.  

Amy and Ariel went to watch Gwen cheer.  
Then we went over to Ali and Todd's to swim.  
What a beautiful day and the pool was perfect.  

Leave it to Eli to find a Minecraft costume.  
A game of chicken.

Ariel taught Amy to twerk!

Thanks for the great time!