Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Day of Other Camp!!!

It's now the Thursday morning before July 4th weekend. How did that happen?

Tuesday was Aden's first day of camp. You may remember he referred to school as camp all year long, so we weren't sure what he would call the real camp. I guess we should have guessed. "Other camp."

Here we go. Breezy Point Camp looks pretty much the same as Breezy Point School.

His counselor may be his teacher in the fall. The helper girl he had last year. All new kids though.

To the bunk to get ready for swim.

Alright buddy, time for us to leave, have a great day! And he did!!!

Wednesday night it was swimming at my parents!

He finally agreed to wear the water wings.

First Aden was excited to see uncle Mark, then Brianna!

And Adam! He could not be more thrilled.

Trying out the slide.

I gave Adam the camera and he took almost 200 pictures. I will show you a few...

We stopped briefly for dinner and dessert.

Then back to the pool!

Everyone had a great time!

We didn't leave too much of a mess...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aden Cunningham

Phew. That was painful. There is something wrong with the blog site this morning and it took me over 2 hours to upload these pictures! Time to finish the weekend so we can get to Aden's first week at camp already!

Sunday morning, Mark and Jeff worked on Aden's new wagon that Amy's parents got him. He was very excited and wanted to help.

Yes, that's real hammer.

Aden had to figure it out for them.

Maiden voyage across the street.

He loved it!

Not very happy that Aunt Melissa jumped in.

Melissa and I took a ride on the waverunner.

Melissa's first time driving. She did great.

There's Uncle Steve!

Can she make it under the bridge. Yes!

She got it into the 50's. She was a little scared when I took it into the 80's!

We ran into Alex and Matt cruising along.

There was lotion on the lens so the pictures are a bit blurry. I will do better next week.

Ready for the beach!

Not so ready for the water.

Mark taught him to catch and throw a football.

He did great!

Not time for a real football game.

Aden was steady quarterback!

Throw the ball Matt!

Lounging after a fun day at the beach.

Jacob came over to play.

Not sure if that's how you are supposed to eat a cupcake.

Bye Jake, see you next week!