Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's catch up Friday again!  It's also Ariel's 7 month birthday!!!  

Back to the other night when we were dog sitting...
 Burghy had fun chasing around the kids.
 He chased them right up into the play set.  
 They said that they were on a pirate ship and Burghy was a shark.
 The kids wore him out.
 Random play with the neighbors.  When the kids next door move in full time in August, there will be 3 kids in Aden's year in school within 5 houses!
 We joined the Breezy Point Swim Club.  It's right next to Aden's school/camp and some of Aden's friends have also joined.  We went to check it out after camp.  Aden seemed to love tether ball even though he kept getting hit in the face.
 They are open till 8 but it seems quiet after 5.  
 We checked out the playground.

 I think you are too big for the kiddie pool!
 Swings are always popular.

 It's going to be a long time before Aden tries this slide!
 Bathing beauty!

 Aden was excited to show us how he walked on a rope all by himself at camp.

 Always needs something in her mouth.
 I dragged Amy up to my Porsche dealer for the unveiling of the new Boxster.
 I like the red.  I will take it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dog Sitting

It's Wednesday night and we are watching Dallas.  It's fun that it's back.  JR is a bad as ever.

Here is Aden waiting for his ride the first day of camp.  The calm before the storm.  Now that we have had three days, with each one getting better, we can put this morning behind us.  
 Ariel would go, but no one asked her.
 Checking out her mail.

 And Amy says Ariel won't eat any solids.
 Don't jump!
 Trying out her new towel.
 Aden did have his pirate towel on but not for the picture, of course.
 Melissa and Mark went to the Phillies game so we dog sat.  The kids were happy.
 Get him Burghy!
 We took Burghy on a walk up to Holland Elementary.  
 We passed by many a rabbit.  Burghy was good and looked but didn't touch.
 We hadn't been to look at the school since they started the construction.  They are completely redoing the school.  It will all be new for Aden in 2 years when he starts 1st grade.  
 I'm guessing that will be the new cafeteria.
 After some fun on what's left of the playground, we took Burghy to play with the neighbors.  To be continued on Friday's post...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Day 2 at camp was a success.  Again we didn't get off to the best start.  We were getting Aden ready and he asked where he was going.  We said camp.  He said, wasn't that yesterday?  I guess he figured it was just the one day!  The older kids in his car brought him toys and books for the ride.  That was so sweet!  He is excited about his new friends in his bunk and wants to invite them to his party, even though he doesn't know their names yet!  

Sunday we went to camp for orientation.  Aden was a little hesitant but Ariel was excited to go!
His bunk is his classroom from this previous year!  That helps.  Here is his counselor Frances.  Ms. Michele, his teacher, helps out in the afternoon.
 Ariel paid close attention.
 Aden was still unsure.
 Don't worry Aden, it will be fun!
 The calm before the storm!
 We then went to Rachel's high school graduation party.  Spiderman came with us!
 Hey Vicki!
 Bubbie and grandpop were there!
 I held Ariel's feet in the pool and she kicked like crazy, entertaining the girls.

 We know what keeps Aden busy.  So excited for iPhone 5 in the Fall.  I guess the old one will be Aden's.  Every 4 year old needs his own iPhone.
 My family came by for dinner later.  Grandpop raced Aden.

 We were so full from the grad party, we didn't eat dinner, just lots of playing.