Thursday, December 28, 2023

Cheer Party 2

Last Friday was Eva's birthday.  There was a birthday lunch while Mark and I were at work.  
Then we had our work holiday party at Bowlero.  

Such a cool spot.  

The kids joined us.  

Ariel was determined to win giant stuffed animals.  
And she did!  All 3!

My dad is pretty good at pool.

Some bowling.  
Then laser tag!

Later that night, Ariel had her end of year party for the Indians cheer.  This time parents weren't invited.  

It was a quick season.  I don't have that many memories of it.  
Huggy Wuggy needed some medical help.  
Dr. Eli to the rescue!
Santa wants you to have a great weekend.  


Cheer Party 1

A little late today. Last Wednesday, I took Aden for a checkup early, then he got some sweets.
Amy pumped some iron!
I made chili that night.  
The twins were busy.
Ariel had her cheer party that night after practice.  

The senior girls made these cups for the younger girls. 
Last Thursday, Ariel had her private.  Still working on tucks.

I got a haircut.  
Crazy dinnertime.  


Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Eli’s Presentation

Last Monday, we got the gifted newsletter.  

Ariel was sick and stayed home but she worked on her poem about cheer.  

We had crazy rain the night before and many roads were flooded. One friend couldn't get out of his neighborhood.  They even closed one of the elementary schools and gave everyone excused absences.  I tried to get a picture of the Neshaminy Creek, which was tough to cross, but I was moving too quickly.  
Practice time.  
Aden and I had a tennis lesson.  Wow I'm bad.  
Last Tuesday, Eli had a presentation at school.  
He did such a great job on the slide show.  

The kids were cute.  
Aden had tennis again that night.  

Cuddles before bed.


Monday, December 25, 2023

Happy Birthday Nate

Last Sunday, the twins had Hebrew School.  
They had some time before Nate's birthday party.  
Nate's 9th birthday party at the Newtown Athletic Club.  Our gym!  First we played dodgeball.  And I do mean we.  The adults played against the kids.  
Eli's strategy is to hang in the back.

The boys had fun. 
I showed Eli where I work out.  He asked why I wasn't stacked!
Nate's Aunt came in from overseas.  
Pizza time.  

Amy and Ali.  
Happy Birthday Nate!

Ariel was at her friend's house.  They had a visitor on their deck.
We did some practicing.  

Ariel and Tessa had 6 hours of cheer this weekend to learn their new choreography.  
That's a lot!  Ariel is happy with the parts she got.