Monday, July 31, 2023

Nice Beach Day

Last Sunday, woke up to some camp pics.  
Rita's day!
We went to the beach early.  

The twins, Eva, Gwen and Steven got to digging.  

It was a little quieter out there.  
Ocean time.  

Elma asked for this pic.  
We tried out our new family tent.  

Pool time.  

I popped in for a minute across the street at our friend's new house.  
That night we got our first pics of Juliet that just started camp for the first time.  It was ice cream Sunday night.  

Love to see that smile!


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Big Barbecue in Margate

Last Saturday morning, Eva returned from camp!  She had a great time but was happy to be home.  
Amy and I and the twins went over to my Aunt Fran's house for brunch.  
The boys got a little crazy.  

Then we went to the beach.  
Steven and the twins went right in the water.  

The water was pretty warm.  

Snack time.  
Using Steven's metal detector.  

Then to the pool.  
I had to run home to start cooking.  We had our families and Amy's parent's friends from Phoenix over for dinner.  
These are the people Aden and I stayed with for the Super Bowl.  They were in New Jersey to get away from the heat in Arizona.  

I grilled some burgers and dogs along with my smoked baked beans and a special bacon and onion jam for the burgers.  It was nice eating outside.  
Kids table.  
We had dessert indoors.  
Then the kids went in the tub.  

Nice to spend time with Jane.  

Crazy kids.  
Aden sent this pic of Bruce Canyon.  Pretty!