Thursday, December 29, 2022

It's Cold As Balls

Last Friday, I got a surprise photo.  You may remember a few weeks ago, I took the twins bowling and we ran into an old friend's kid's bar mitzvah party at the bowling alley.  They welcomed us into the party and I even got called up to light a candle!  So funny.  
Back to the elves.  Eli was hoping they would make a carnival in the basement, so they did.  Here's the ticket booth.  
The carnival!
Balloon Pop
Ball Pit of Doom
Ball Throw
Music Competition
3D Printing
Eli was again amazed!

I went to work but an insane cold front was coming through.  It was close to 50 degrees and dry but that was about to change.  I went to the market, which was packed.  

By the time I got outside, it had dropped into the 30's and started snowing!
Slippery drive home.  

We played around with some of our new gifts.  
Aden was even being nice.  
I made a fancy dinner.  
Noah worked on Legos.  
More presents!

Let's paint Lucy the Elephant!

The temperature kept dropping.  
It really was Cold as Balls!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Nice Naughty Jewish

Last Tuesday morning, the twins woke up early to see what the Hanukkah Elves had been up to.  It took forever to put away all the Halloween stuff that Eli had been decorating the basement with for months but guess what those elves did?  They brought it all back out again and made a new Spooky Hallway.  

Eli was a bit shocked.  

Another mess to clean up.  
Saw this on the way to work.  LMNOPQRSTUV!
That night we opened more presents.  

Long lost Madi came to babysit.  

They got punching robots.  

Aden got the coolest present of all.  A 3D printer!
After opening the presents, Ariel went to Hebrew School.  After school, they had a Hanukkah dance.  

Looks like fun.

Ariel and her buddies.  
We were up till midnight 3d printing things.  It worked really well.  

A dreidel!

The elves got to work on their mischief.  Eli had hoped they might build a fort.  So they started one.  

And it got big!
Wednesday morning, Eli ran down to find the elves.  He was blown away by the fort and it's interior lighting.  
The toys from around the house were in there playing games, eating and watching tv.  

The sun finally came up.  

We went to school.  Can you spot the Elf on the Shelf?
After school it was more 3d printing.  
Then more presents.  

Rachel came to do cheer.  

Ariel loves her new sweater!

Little did we know, Ariel's lack of enthusiasm was really her getting sick.  
The next few days were not fun.