Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Long Live the Octopus

It's a rainy Wednesday night.  The older kids are done school until Tuesday.  This is the first time in many years that Spring Break wasn't a whole week.  The twins are still in school tomorrow thankfully.  We know people that went away but we aren't going anywhere.  I'm too scared to travel.  

Wednesday we had some pretty hard rain.  I got soaked going in to the gym.  
We relaxed and watched a movie after dinner.  
Eli had been practicing his snaps.  
So we had a hard time deciding the color of the boys bathroom.  We had leftover paint from the mudroom which we thought could work.  
So we decided to paint a little ourselves.

They had fun.

A little too much fun.

We decided we liked the color!

This was Thursday when the tile was put up.  Looking good.

Are you ready to come home Noah?
Aden had football practice.  
Eli was still enjoying the Cake Boss cake.  
This is a bit of a controversial decision but I decided the octopus stays!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Taste Test

It's Tuesday night.  I can't believe it's almost April!  Summer is coming!  These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  First, let's have an Aden flashback.  His buddies from pre-school.  They are all back together in middle school but Aden is really only friends with Ben our neighbor.  
Monday we did some art.  
Good French toast guys?
We went to Rita's for water ice.  
It was a little chilly but we were up for a treat.  

A little practice on the balance beam before bed.  

On Tuesday, Jason came to play.  

I picked up slices of cake from Buddy the Cake Boss from Carlo's Bakery.  

We did a little taste test.  

I guess Ariel found her favorite.  
I liked them all!


Monday, March 29, 2021

A Girl and Her Slime

It's Monday night and the twins started baseball tonight!  They both did really well!  They listened and were happy!  They even got to reconnect with old friends.  Back to last Sunday, which was a very busy day.  

The neighbors dropped off their old balance beam.  More for the basement!
Ariel made a crazy matzo concoction at Hebrew School.  
She even made the Facebook post!
Later that morning, Aden had his first flag football game of the season.  He's on the Kansas City Chiefs.  
He played well.  He had a few catches including an extra point.  

That's his friend Riley.  She was really good!
Good win guys!
So big!
Emily came over after Hebrew School to do a craft with Ariel.  
You might remember a few weeks ago, while we were sledding, Eli picked up a couple of girls who are looking to be babysitters.  Well, they finally came to spend some time with the kids.  

Time for the project.  It was over Zoom with kids from Hebrew School.  First they made pyramids out of cardboard.  

They needed a lot of help.  
Building a pyramid of sugar cubes.  
Great job girls!
Always time for gymnastics.  

Emily's dog came to pick her up.  

A girl and her slime.  
I had my first fail in the smoker.  The chicken looks good but I couldn't get the white meat to finish cooking.  Even under the broiler.  So dark meat it was.  
Outside to play with the neighbors.  
It got chilly fast so I went back.