Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Breakfast for Dinner

Last Monday, Ariel was mostly better but week so we let her stay home from school.  
For the first time in the almost 2 decades I have known Amy, we had breakfast for dinner!  
Aden ate all the candied bacon.  
Last Tuesday, Noah tried to practice the piano and Eli and Aden bothered him.  

We finally started Eli's Lego.  
This thing is huge!  I'm helping him and we are glueing each piece so it doesn't fall apart after we are done.  

I'm not sure why they always read in our bed.  
Last Wednesday, the twins made slides in the basement.  

Here are some of my Be Real pics.  


Monday, February 6, 2023

Eagles are NFC Champs!

It's Monday night.  The twins are having a hard time falling asleep.  I hear a lot of laughing.  Ariel's team did 2 full outs tonight!  That means they did their whole routine in front of the gym.  Their competitions are coming fast!  

Last Sunday, I started ribs early.  The bacon was for breakfast.  

The ribs cooked for about 6 hours.  
The NFC Championship game between the Eagles and 49ers was that afternoon.  About a half hour before the game, 4 jets were circling over our house!  We figured they were for the game.  
Right before game time, they got into formation at headed south.
Literally minutes later, we saw them on tv above the stadium.  They got here so fast!
I threw a rotisserie chicken on there with the ribs.  
We watched the Eagles beat up on the Niners.  
Lots of deer!
Amazing stats.  
Ribs are done and yummy!
Close to the end.  
The eagles won 31-7!
They got the NFC trophy.  
Finally time to eat.  
Then of course we had to watch the KC vs. Cleveland game to see who the Eagles would be playing in the Super Bowl . 


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Moana Jr

Last Saturday, I took very few pictures.  It was a good thing I stayed to watch cheer.  
Ariel was flying a lot.  
But after a while, she ran to me and told me she was achy all over and didn't feel well.  She ended up not being able to practice anymore.  We went home and she had a 102 fever!  She was actually a mess the rest of the day and night.  
That afternoon, we had plans to go see the Sol Feinstone Elementary school play, which they held at Newtown Middle, because a few of Ariel's friends were in it.  So sadly, Ariel had to stay home with Aden and miss it, but we took the twins.  We had never been to the school before.  
It was very nice.  
We knew a whole lot of people.  
The kids did a great ob with Moana.  Ashely is one of the girls in blue.  

Sofia was the crab.  

That night, I smoked wings and we kept it low key.  


Friday, February 3, 2023

Alone on the Beach

Last Thursday, I woke up to a nice view of Atlantic City.  
I headed over to Margate for a great breakfast at Gilchrist.  
Of course, I had to check out the beach.  
It was cold and windy but I was happy to be there.  

I love seeing houses on stilts.  
The was slim pickings at Hot Bagels.  
I checked on the house.  
Then I passed by Memories.  So sad.  
There was a memorial for Jerry Blavat.  
I headed home and took Ariel to cheer.  We got a glimpse of the new uniforms.  
Some trampoline work.  

She's getting better at tumbling.  

She wanted to get a birthday card for a friend.  
The boys all got haircuts that night.  

Friday night we stayed in.  
The twins were silly as usual.  
They wanted to pose on the Veteran's Stadium chairs.  
We put together this months Mark Rober science kit.  
It's a trap that shoots balls when you move the trip wire.  
Have a great weekend!