Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cousin Fun

It's Tuesday night.  We signed up all the kids for new classes at the gym.  Yay.  More running around.  Here are some more pics from last week.

Trying out Legos.
 Such a great big sister.

 Ring Around the Rosie.

All the kids in Ariel's class attacked this dad!

 Gwen and Eva came to visit.


 Best friends.

 Gwen smiled at Eli.

Aden will play anyone!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Speed Raceway

It's Monday night and Amy is watching the Bachelor without me so I have to hurry.  This are from the first half of last week.  Big kids at the counter eating.
 Share your Doritos Eli?
 Thanks Noah!  Good sharing!
 Yes, it's a problem.
 Box Ball
 Aden had a play date.

 Jacob was great with the twins.
 Monkeys in the middle!
 We took out the ping pong table for the first time in a while and no it's all Aden wants to do.

 Yes, that's Maura!
 Jacob wanted to contemplate Aden's poster he mae of himself in first grade.
 The boys helped Ariel pack her sleep sack.
 2 year checkup!  
 They are both little.  Under 10% for height and weight.

 I went to Speed Zone with the guys to race some go carts.
 We had the place to ourselves.
 We drove fast!
 It was actually kind of scary.
 Play time for the boys.

 Nate and the boys got on the chairs themselves, pulled out paper and crayons.  

 Cute project of the week.  Making lions!