Sunday, September 30, 2018

Football Pictures

It's Sunday night and I'm too tired to give much commentary.  

Aden had his flag football pictures last Saturday.  This was the first time in any of the kid's sports that I wasn't able to get close enough to take my own pictures.  They were all the way in the back of the gym.

 Game time!
 Aden got the ball for a run.

 It's really hard to watch games with the twins.  They won't sit still!  Eli loves to run on the field.

 Grandpop knows how to stop them.

 I saw this for Mark.
 While we were at football, Ariel had a cheerleading clinic at Council Rock High School.  Amanda was there!
Amy hired an organizer.  Forget if I mentioned that.  They made Ariel her own corner in the basement.

 It's a bit more organized I guess.
 We walked to the playground.

 Dinner with friends at Erini in New Jersey.
 We had a nice night out. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Holland Middle School

It's super late Thursday night.  Amy and I just got home from the Ed Sheeran concert!  He was great.  Getting there was not.  More on that later.  These pics will bring us up through last Friday so I'm finally back to my normal 1 week behind.  

Ariel was the first Star of the Week for her class.  That meant she had to fill out a poster about herself.  
 This was Aden's!  It's still hanging in the playroom.  The teacher said she couldn't find the bodies anymore so she's using the posters.
 Ariel had cheer practice at the newly refurbished Holland Middle School.  I was excited to see the place.

Still some construction going on.
Here we go girls!  They are a bit behind in learning their main routine for the competition, so she had to make it easier for them.

 Aden fell on the blacktop while playing football at recess.  He scraped himself up pretty bad and came home from school early.

 I think he was proud to get hurt playing football!
Soccer practice.

 Football practice.
 These kids were nearby having a tackle football practice.  Aden really wants to do it.  
 Just some quiet pictures to finish out the week.
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ariel's Special Talents

It's Wednesday night and we are in the middle of a big thunderstorm.  The twins are sleeping but Aden and Ariel are giving us a hard time about going to bed.  Ariel says she keeps seeing flashes!  Here are some random pics from last week.  Making friends at the playground.
 Ariel's book from class.

 Eli still loves to sing.  Currently it's the whole Greatest Showman soundtrack.  He know most of the words!

Eli Sings from Jerry Wexler on Vimeo.
Heather moved to Florida today.  We are all very sad.
 Yom Kippur!  We went to the 8:30 am children's services.  That was really hard to get to!
 The rabbis still haven't learned and put on an adult service for babies.  They should take all the kids up front and sing songs with them not read torah!
 After services we went to a playground.

 That night we broke the fast at our house.  We had a pretty big crowd.  Besides family, Ali and Lori joined us.
 Bounce house time!
 We thought people would hang out outside so, while fasting, I power washed the whole back of the house and the deck.  
 Big fish tray from Ben and Irvs is always a hit.  

 Aunt Bev brought a giant spider for some reason.
 Aden had been looking forward to playing basketball with Mark and Andrew.
 Holding onto daddy.
 Lots of yummy desserts.
 Back to basketball as people left.