Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Pea

It's Tuesday morning. Day three of the crib and we are still getting between 7 and 8 hours! We should have tried the crib sooner. She seems to love it! Sunday morning was lazy.

Then we had swim class.

Now do that in the water!

This is his new face.

It gets a little warm and humid in the room, so we can sit out here behind the glass.

All done.

I guess she's not ready for her lessons yet.

Jules for lunch.

Then Sweet Pea for dessert! What crazy person puts gummy worms on ice cream?

Another patented face.


Monday, January 30, 2012

2 Months!!!

Yesterday was Ariel's two month birthday!!! This is the official picture and the rest are the outtakes!

Howard returns

Happy Monday!!! I've restarted listening to Howard Stern. I listened every day until about 6 years ago when he went to Sirius but I have it now in my car and iPhone. I actually missed him! I have it on now as I'm typing. Anyway, Friday we got another cute gift for Ariel. We then went out to dinner with Andy and Alicia and Howard and Jen in Doyelstown. Amy's parents, Melissa and Mark and Bev all came over to watch the kids. We missed a party!

Doing a little modeling on Saturday morning.

Haircut time again. His hair grows like crazy.

Almost time for you!

Our handsome boy!

We dropped off Ariel with Judy and Alex and took Aden to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Amy was in heaven. A quick stop to Styer Orchards for ice cream.

So much to see there.

A few varieties of apple pie.

Strawberry ice cream!

Back to Judy's to pick up the little girl. They had a great time with her.

First night in the crib!

She's ready!

Actually, she decided she wanted to sleep with her big brother.

Aden read to her then she slept 7 hours in her crib!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to the Shore

Back from the Shore. It was the time again for the Swimming Pool Convention. Amy came down with the kids and her parents on Wednesday. Tuesday night is when I ran into Ms. America and had a nice conversation with her. It was funny because Amy and I saw the pageant by chance the week before so I knew a lot about her. She seemed taller on tv!

Aden and I explored the show.

Giant frog!

These would be cool floating in the pool.

Aden just sat near the M & Ms.

Ariel loved the lights and sounds.

It was a long day.

That night, we threw a party for our customers. Aden did not want to take pictures.

Got some smiles!

Look who it is, Daisy! She made a surprise appearance.

She gave us some good tips now that Ariel is a bit older.

Finally, a decent one.

Back to the house in Margate.

My boy!

A couple of shots from Aden's perspective.

Getting ready for bed.

The end to a fun day.