Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ariel's 7th Birthday Party

It's Thursday night.  It takes forever for the twins to fall asleep.  They apparently have so much to chat about.  They chat all day and now all night!  We had a family STEM night at school that we didn't bring the twins to.  All kinds of fun science experiments.  Anyway, we shall focus on the birthday girl.  She woke up so excited today.  She was treated like a princess at school, which she pretty much is every day.  The morning of her party, she was just as excited.
 Eli likes the idea of putting the bouncy house in the basement.
 Someone is all ready for her party rocking her special shirt.
 Aden doing some cleaning.  Not really sure why.
 Here we go!  28 kids all meeting at the Art Department in Newtown to paint some pottery!
 Amy did a great job with the decorations.  

Here come the kids!

 Everyone came up to pick out their pottery.
 The room was bustling!
 Ashley's birthday was today too!
 Even Aden got into it!

 Amy Lindsay and Ali.
 Everyone was intently painting.

Another shot of the yummy cake.
 Jax and Sammy.

We tried some family shots.  Yes, the twins were not there.

 Look at Ariel's face!
The art to be fired and picked up in a couple of weeks.
Ariel gave out the chalk paint favors.

Lots of fun!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The New Aden

It's Wednesday night.  Our little princess turns 7 tomorrow!  
What can I say?  She continues to amaze us and delight everyone around her.  She will always be my little baby girl no matter how many times she tells me she's 7!  
This is how I feel about now.  
 Ariel made her bed early one morning.  She ran in and tried to wake me to come see it.  I wasn't moving so she took my phone, took a picture of her bed, then put it in my face!
 If you look closely you can see Eli washing the window?!
 We had a very lazy Thanksgiving day.  I was in bed until almost lunchtime!  Ariel took care of the boys for us.  Later that day, we went to Amy's parent's house for dinner.  
 I only took a few pictures.  From what I heard, the food was very good.  The twins were not.  I spent the whole night dealing with them and not really getting the chance to eat.  

 It was freezing!  It was painful to be outside at all.
 Friday morning we had to get going early because the cleaning lady came.  
 I took all the boys for haircuts.  Aden was discussing his hair with cousins Alex and Andrew the night before and they told him it was time to cut it short.  Amy and I like his hair long but it was too long.
 Aden first, here we go.
 The boys were good for once.  They didn't try and grab every hair dryer.  
 He told her to cut it off!
 She brought out the shavers!
 I was cringing.  He smiled the whole time!

 Lots of hair!
 Here we go!  So handsome!

 He was thrilled.  We created monster now.  He wants to shower twice a day and use gel to get the hair to stand up!
 All the boys!