Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Soccer Saturday

What a beautiful day for soccer if not actually a bit hot.

 Aden and Jack.

 Let's play!

 Pep talk.
 Aden was in on the action a lot.  He tends to stay back on defense and blocked a lot of shots.  He keeps wondering though why he's not scoring.  Might help to leave your own net!

 Doing great Aden!
 Getting a little physical!
 Future cheerleader!
 That night we had dinner with Sammy and Jaxson at Tony's.  We let them bring their parents.
 Of course the kids couldn't sit and had to run around outside.

 Happy Birthday Chad!

 Ariel kept falling.  Look at her knees.  She fell after this picture and got worse cuts.  Think we need to stick to long pants!
 Selfie with the guys.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Yes the Pumpkin is a Bit Scary

Aden visited me at work.
 He found his new favorite toy!
 We passed by Parx Casino and Aden had no idea what to make of the giant horse head statue.  He asked a ton of questions.  I tried to explain it but he just didn't get it!
 We went Halloween decoration shopping at Feeneys.  What an awesome place.  Pricey but had some really great stuff for every holiday.

 Aden really wanted a gingerbread house.  I guess we will attempt to make one this winter.
 Ariel lets her teachers play with her hair.
 How did they do that?
 One of our purchases.  Ariel was eating dinner, looked across the room and asked "is that pumpkin a little bit scary?"
 Eva has quickly mastered the steps.
 There's trouble!

 Who is walking who?

 We finished off the Rosh Hashanah leftovers.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rosh Hashanah

It's Sunday night.  What a beautiful weekend.  Was better than any we had in August.  I tried to get Amy to go to the shore for the Margate Fall Festival, as everyone else did, but she didn't want to.   We did have fun around home though.  

Back to Thursday night.  After the kids services in the morning, we pretty much spent the whole day setting up the house to have about 20 guests for Rosh Hashanah dinner.  The kids service was better than last year.  They geared it more towards the kids.  Ms. Marilyn the music teacher was sitting behind us.  I told her she should have run the service!
 Hey cousin Marc!
 Aden getting silly.

 Uncle Steve feeding Ariel.

 Aden and Eva cuddling!
 I got your nose!

 Pretty girls!
 What's so interesting on that iPad?
 Aden going crazy!

 Are we sharing a chair?

 Finally all the beautiful food made mostly by our mothers and aunt Judy.

We have a nice long room that can fit 4 folding tables in a row.
 This is a picture Bev took of me taking a selfie.
Here's the pic I took!
 Horsey ride!
 These are Bev's pics.

It was a great family night.