Thursday, June 29, 2023

Cheering with Gabi Butler

Last Friday was quite a day.  We got the house power washed and suddenly there was water in the basement!
We got it to stop and I got water remediation people to come quickly.  
What a mess!
The culprit!
In less than 2 weeks, they reopened 95.  
A fire engine went across with all the mascots.  
So fun!
That afternoon, Ariel and I went on an adventure with Lynde and Fionna.  We drove about an hour away to go to a cheer clinic with Gabi Butler from the Netflix show Cheer.  She's as close as there is to a famous cheerleader.  We stopped for a quick dinner.  
Then we made it.  
Gabi's mom was selling clothes.  
The girls lined up.  
There is Gabi!

Ariel with Gabi and the other cheerleaders.  They printed this picture out and Gabi signed it.  
Gabi gave them a pep talk.  
Then they stretched.  

Ariel flew!

Ariel listening to advice from Gabi.

The pros showed the girls things they could try.  It was amazing watching Gabi fly.

Ariel had a moment when she got really nervous.  She needed pep talks from me, Lynde, and the cheerleaders.  
Then she was ready to go!

Ariel was great!

Fionna did awesome too.

The happy girls.  

Ariel getting some one on one time with Gabi

Then it was a time for a group shot.

Gabi is so tiny!  We were glad to finally meet her.  

We got ice cream on the way home.  
Of course Fionna slept over.  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Nice Kid Pics

Last Wednesday, the twins went to camp.  
We had a big tree trimmed.  

Ariel spent the afternoon with Juliet.
Aden had tennis lessons.  
That night, we watched High School Musical.  
Everyone loves Zac.

We're all in this together...
We took some fun photos.

They made some airplanes.  

Late night drawing for Ariel.  
Last Thursday, Ariel had her last cheer session with Serina for a long time.  

She did a little flying.  

Noah made his own dinner.  
Back to play at Lennox's house.