Friday, September 30, 2011

Apples and Honey

Random picture Friday. Hope you all had a nice holiday.

The boys were trying to decide if they should let the girls join them.

Thursday morning we headed to Beth Am for the children's service. They decided to have it at the same time as the full service so the place was packed!

Larry put on a very nice service.

Huge crowd.

Aden got to play with Sammy a little.

Amy, Melissa and Becky.

Apples and honey, of course.

Dinner at my in-laws.

The food was great and we all had a great time. My dad actually drove my mom and grandmom over. Look out world, he's back behind the wheel!

Cooper was looking for his brisket.

We should have started with dessert!

Relaxing after a great meal.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Late for services, no time to write. The first few pics are Aden's first real homework assignment! The number 1!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Party!!!

Shades...check. Sleeves rolled up...check. Air Jordan's laced...check. Let's dance!

The VIP lounge for the kids.

The bar for the adults.

No assigned seating. It was set up like a night club.

There were hundreds of kids and they never stopped dancing! I don't remember dancing like this back in the day.

Marc and Clarisse getting down!

The music was insane and never stopped. Aden seemed cool with it.

Aden took this picture. He kept asking the girls to pose.

I know I said insane already but it was really insane. Just non-stop music and dancing.

Starting to set up the buffet outside.

We were worried about bringing Aden, but as you can see, there was nothing to worry about!

They were not serving ice cream but we got them to get some for Aden.

Melissa and I.

Aden loved all the flashing lights.

Back outside around midnight to catch our breaths.

Which color light saber do you want?

Some ice cream for the ride back to the hotel.

Thanks to our beautiful hostess Sandy for fabulous night. Aden didn't go to sleep until after 12:30 but he was good. That is until about 3:30 when he fell off the bed. Poor thing.

Sunday morning we had brunch at the hotel.

Aden wanted to play football with Drew and his friends. The drive home was much better. About 2:45.