Thursday, December 28, 2017

Which Princess Is Your Favorite?

It's Thursday night.  We just got back from dinner.  It's like 14 degrees out.  We got to see Elaine and the kids which was nice.  Looks like we aren't going to the shore at all during the break.  I really wanted to but there isn't much to do when it's so cold out.  Back to last weekend.  

Friday was Eva's 4th birthday.  We went over for cake.  Eli loves birthday cake.

 Gwen is standing!

The kids all played cute.
 Saturday the twins got much needed haircuts.  
 Ariel just came for the candy.

 The hair is out of his eyes!
 Then Amy and I took Ariel to see Disney on Ice.  

 Ariel couldn't decide which princess she loved the best.
 Such fun things to buy!

 Ariel loved it.  

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sing a Long

Here are some random pics from last week.
 On our way to school.
 Ariel had a book pollyanna at school.
 All the kids made these little stands.  All were Christmas except for Ariel.
 Santa came and they had a sing along.


 These are the teenagers that practice at the same time.  I noticed 2 of the girls that were being thrown around last week both had casts on their legs! 
 Our rockers.

 Ariel's class.
 They like to get their own water.
 Friday morning, Aden had STEM class.  I'm not sure what their assignment was.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The End of Hanukkah

I was in the house all day again today.  Tonight we went to the light show at Shadybrook Farm.  That was nice.  Amy took the older kids to the gym today to work out.  I haven't been to the gym since last week.  I feel fat!  Back to last week.

Ariel found the clinic in her playroom and was excited.
 Eli was confused.
 Ariel wanted to help me cook.  
 Present time!
 More Eagles stuff for Aden.

 Forget trying to exercise with the twins around.  They just jump right on.  

 Downward facing dog?
 Candle tme.
 Noah said no no to fire.
 The elves that night, around 1 am, made pancakes and left a huge mess.
 The kids found them in the morning!
 This was the last night of candles.  

 That's a lot of candles.
 It was a fun Hanukkah!