Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Back to SSDC

It's a stormy Wednesday night.  It was almost 100 today and super humid and sunny but the storms are here now to cool us down.  I forgot Eli had me set up his blow up pool outside.  I went in the raging storm to get it and the steps, which are separate, were not there.  I ran around the neighborhood and found them a few houses down!  I left the pool outside because it's full of water and heavy.  I'm soaked!  We still haven't heard from Ariel but we are getting a steady stream of pictures from camp.  She's smiling in every one so I guess that's good.  It's so hard not being able to talk to her!  This post is from last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Monday was the first day of camp for the boys.  Back to good old Southampton Summer Day Camp.  Aden gave his usual pose.  
The boys were so excited!

Ariel had another week till camp.  She was happy to have Amy to herself.  
The decorator and contractor came to discuss the bathroom.  
The HVAC people also came back to replace our second ac and furnace.  The 22 year old AC unit is finally gone!
Amy took Ariel to try on her cheer costume for the upcoming season.  
That night, Ariel and Heather tried a TikTok project.  They poured chocolate in a pop it.  
We had been bringing the pillows in every rain storm, which got tiring.  This time, we tried a cover.  It worked pretty well.  
On Tuesday, Amy took Ariel dress shopping for the bar mitzvah.  
The boys rode their bikes after camp.  

On Wednesday, Ariel went to visit Honey.  
Then she saw a fake Honey at Learning Express.  
Here's a quick snap of the boys at camp posted online.  
Ariel went to play at Amelia's house.  

The boys took a drive after camp.  
See ya!


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Father's Day

It's a hot Tuesday night.  It's 9:30 and still in the mid 80's.  Yuck.  The new air conditioners were having a hard time today, which I was surprised about.  I'm going nuts.  There haven't been any updates from Ariel's camp yet.  The boys are having fun though.  Hard to believe we are mid way through week 2 already!  

Back to last Sunday.  Ariel and Fiona slept till almost 11!
I then took them and the twins to the NAC pool.  

It was very crowded.  
The girls had fun.  

The boys just had an ok time. 

Their friend Lina was there.  
They swam with her.  

Noah eventually passed out.  
Bye Fiona!  See you later in the summer.  
It was Father's Day.  I grilled for us and my family.  I smoked some chicken.
And made the rest on the grill.  
What a feast!
Right Aden?
Water balloon toss.  

The kids love to play with water.  

He could do this all day!